Jasper Pleasant Zachary

NOTE: Dad copied some information from a Family Bible years ago when he was at a family funeral.  Some of the information is slightly different than other records and may be due to transcription errors (such as the year of birth for Margaret E. Tranbarger as being 1841).  Further, Dad had Jasper Pleasant Zachary written as Pleasant J. Zachary, which most records show as incorrect for this branch and generation.  Other than my correcting that for this transcription, I believe the following is how my Dad had transcribed it.

Jasper Pleasant Zachary 2-22-1841
Margaret E. Tranbarger 5/14/1841    <--- NOTE:  Others have this as 1843

Married 6/13/1869 by James Cope J.P. in Oakley Tennessee

Nancy Alice Zachary          9/29/1870 <-my Mom said married name was Richardson
James Alec Zachary          9/18/1872 <-- NOTE from 6/28/2008:  Other records have him as James ALEXANDER Zachary
Mary Pamelia Zachary      6/16/1874 <-my Mom said married name was Sullivan
Sarrah Susan  Zachary       2/22/1876
Saphrona Ellen Zachary    12/9/1877 <-my Mom said married name was Huddleston .  AKA  "Phronie" or "Fronie"
Berthey Helen Zachary      3/31/1879
Mandy Palestine Zachary   1/18/1881 <-my Mom said Mandy was blind and a dwarf .  Also recorded as Amanda Palestine Zachary
Thomas Grant Zachary      5/19/1883
John A. Logan Zachary      8/15/1885
Bettie Harrison Zachary 10/18/1888 <-married name may have been Johnson

Notes from the transcription: 
John A. Logan was named for General John A. Logan of the Union Army
Jasper Pleasant Zachary fought in the Civil War for the Union Army
Father of Jasper Pleasant Zachary was Jack Zachary from North Carolina
<--- NOTE:  This may be conjecture by Dad or others.  I do not think it was in the Bible that copied from.  It does not match records by others.
Mother of Jasper Pleasant Zachary was Nancy Jane Smith
NOTE: One of the great mysteries is who exactly the wife of John (Jack) Zachary (mother of Jasper Pleasant) was.  Some records say, Nancy UNKNOWN; others are Nancy DIXON, Nancy CRAIBORN, Nancy CLAIBORN, Nancy CLAIBOURN, Nancy CLAYBORN, and Dad's transcription has her as Nancy Jane SMITH.  I am going to make a leap of faith and assume her middle name was JANE since one of her daughters was Nancy Jane.
Father of Margaret E. Tranbarger was Jim Tranbarger from Virginia - Germany
Mother of Margaret E. Tranbarger was Mary Magdenlene Sells

More of my Mom's memory: Mandy Palestine Zachary chewed tobacco.  I believe Mom once said there was a family story that Mandy was not allowed to chew if the Preacher was visiting.  On one such occasion, blind Mandy asked the person sitting next to her "Is that Preacher man gone yet?"  The preacher leaned over to Mandy and said "No, not yet". 

I believe Mom also said that Mandy wrote a song titled something like "There are no blind in Heaven."

Mom and Dad said that Thomas Zachary never married; took care of his mother until she died.  Lived alone in the woods in a dirt-floor cabin near Dale Hollow Lake.  Self sustained by hunting, fishing, etc.  Was around 77 years old when he moved in with his sisters Saphrona (called Aunt Fronie) and Bettie Harrison.
Jasper Pleasant ZACHARY
Co. C 1st Ky Cav. U.S.
Jasper Pleasant ZACHARY was born February 22, 1841 in Fentress County, Tennessee and died January 24, 1929 in Overton County, Tennessee he is buried in the Fellowship Cemetery in Overton Co. TN , he married June 13, 1869 in Overton County, Tennessee to Margaret E. TRANBARGER born May 14, 1844 in Overton County, Tennessee and died August 11, 1927 in Overton County, Tennessee she is buried in the David Sells Cemetery in Overton County, Tennessee. Contributed by: Ron Dishman - Overton County Historian
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